Park and Polish 2016 – Part 1

I can’t recall exactly how many years in a row I have been attending Park and Polish, but this was at least my 7th. The organizers never fail to put on a great show; even last year’s event, which was moved into their underground parkade at the last minute because of rain, went well and we all had fun.

This year’s show fortunately fell on what ended up being a warm and sunny day, allowing it to be held outside as per usual with much (much, much) more space for cars and activities. With all makes and models welcome there’s always an impressive range of vehicles that show up and this time around was no exception.


Speaking of the range of vehicles, I’ve decided to split the coverage up based on the different groups at the show. We start off today with ‘Tuners’ and will later move on to the Exotic, Muscle, and Classic sections.


As is tradition, upon entering the show cars are directed to pull up in front of this backdrop for a photo prior to making their way to their respective areas. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing the photo of mine!


Now unlike in some years prior, we had no formal group arranged for this show. Often friends and I will coordinate and all attend together representing either the blog or a club but this time around we had nothing planned. I knew I’d run into people I knew there but didn’t even know who exactly would be present.


Upon arriving however I found a spot in the same row as Dustin and Giuseppe so I took it.


You can always tell when the Focus is going to a show – the front Turbomacs will actually be white!


As you could just see a glimpse of in the previous shot, Kyle even showed up in his Celica.


Once we had our cars set up, had finished registration, and picked up our goodie bags, it was time to wander around and see what was at the show. I ultimately made many laps of the venue as different friends showed up and we walked the lot together. It also allowed us to see as much as possible as some cars came and went during the day and we likely would’ve missed some if we only did one lap. Plus, there’s a Pokéstop at the lot and I was able to pick up some Pokéballs from it each time we passed by.


Ha. The license plate on the middle Subaru. Also, this new light blue is amazing in person! I’d be very tempted to pair it with some Mag Blue TE37s…


To go off on a tangent for just a moment – how did this generation of Civic get to be 10 years old so fast? Seeing the year listed on the info card for this coupe was when it suddenly hit me. Back on topic though, this Civic had received quite a bit of attention under the hood and I’m curious to know what kind of power it now puts out!


Team Revere had a good day at Park and Polish to say the least, with two of their cars taking home awards. Both the orange WRX and teal Evo (in the two photos above) were picked by the judges as the winners for a couple of the trophies – Coolest Car and Best Tuner, respectively.


This little red Miata is a regular sight at local shows and meets but it wasn’t built for parking lots. It’s been modified and set up for racing and happens to look more than good enough to sit next to show cars too.


VEX had brought out some vehicles as well, but were located over by the Exotics section as they were with the other businesses’ booths. This RX-7 (which has been seen on the site previously) looks to be a very well-rounded build that features a lot of modifications while remaining almost understated.


Their monstrous Supra however (also seen previously) shows a bit more of a no-compromises attitude and a focus on one thing – performance. For those unaware, the expected final figure is 1000+ horsepower. An adequate amount, that.


I couldn’t help but smile and grab a photo when I saw this Miata roll up with the co-pilot sticking his head out of the window. Also don’t worry – the police Explorer you see in the background was only there for charity photos. Fortunately nothing got out of hand at the show!


I had actually walked by this Subaru at first without noticing this – a closer look revealed what was a rather extensive amount of airbrushing around the bottom portion of the bumpers and sides!


Further down that same row, this TSX looked great on its white TEs – and having the red of the decals match was a great detail.


Plenty of questions keep coming up at shows regarding Mustard’s swap so I put together a small binder showing some of the work that went into the car for the conversion. I was pleased to see a number of people flipping through it during the day, and for everyone online stay tuned for the articles to go live on Project ST!


Definitely one of the most unique vehicles at the show that day was this Isuzu Vehicross. I recall spotting one at a Beyond meet a few years back and this could very well have been the same one, as I’m sure it’s safe to assume there aren’t that many running around here.


To wrap up today’s post I thought I’d jump ahead to the end of the show, and something that we all had a good laugh about. Every year a rev-off takes place at 1PM and it can get pretty crazy – screaming exotics, rumbling muscle cars, and all of us with our aftermarket exhausts combined make for quite the assault on ear drums. This time around, things got a little too heated underneath the Supra that was with us, which we discovered only once it left its stall at the end of the day. Oh dear!

I hope you all enjoyed the start of the coverage for Park and Polish 2016, and please stay tuned for the following posts! Next up we’ll take a look at the Exotics portion of the lot, which housed not only a 458 Speciale A, but four (!) Aventador SVs. Not bad, not bad at all.


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