My First Meet of 2017 – And Yolanda’s New Car!

It will most likely be dark outside, chances are it could be a bit chilly, and it’s almost a guarantee that none of the cars will be clean or even close to it; but a meet is a meet and we won’t turn down the chance to have one to help ease the pain of waiting for summer to return!

On Wednesday a small group of us met up at the Glendeer Circle A&W – the location of the Friday night Cruising the Dub events – to grab a bite, catch up, and also check out Yolanda’s new car!


With not even a dozen vehicles it was definitely a small meet but that didn’t matter. Recently the weather has been better (I can actually see the road in front of my house again and not just snow and ice) so the chance to have a get-together and perhaps pretend for a moment that it wasn’t winter anymore was taken.


Being a weekday the meet was held in the evening, so that meant that the sun had long since gone down. I had my tripod but still didn’t take a ton of photos just because of all of the puddles and grime on the ground. There was one car in particular however that I had been waiting to grab some pictures of so I took the chance despite the less-than-ideal conditions.

To fill in anyone unaware, Yolanda had been working on a Mazda 3 for the last few years (which has been seen on the site) but at the end of 2016 she decided to make a change – or rather, a few changes; she went from auto to manual, from naturally aspirated to turbocharged, and from Mazda to Ford – she picked up a 2013 Focus ST!


The car she ended up purchasing came from another local enthusiast, Alex, and as it happened it came with a bit of Ketchup too! I had actually met up with Alex earlier last year as he needed the windshield trim from Mario’s ST to replace his damaged pieces before selling the car. Fast forward to December and that car ended up entering our group when Yolanda bought it; so we can still say that every Focus in our circle (in Calgary that is) has a bit of Ketchup in it.


The ST also came with a selection of aftermarket parts and custom touches too, giving Yolanda a good base from which to build. You’ve probably noticed the ride height; the car is sitting on H&R coilovers and has been dropped fairly aggressively. Currently it’s on the stock wheels since it’s winter, but as part of the sale a set of Team Dynamics were also included and will return to the car when Spring finally makes an appearance.


The car is also Stage 1 so it has a slight bump in power over stock. Visual changes had been made as well; the car was dipped satin pearl white (it’s Oxford White from factory) with black accents (roof, mirror caps, emblem panel, wing), the taillights and reflectors were tinted, and the headlights were blacked out and fitted with colour-changing lights which are controlled via a small remote.


Seeing as how Yolanda has only had the car for a few weeks she hasn’t had much time to start on her own changes, but a set of new emblem overlays recently arrived and a Mountune Lower Sport Spoiler is en route as well – that’s a piece that I’m very curious to check out in person.


Of course, with Yolanda buying a white ST the very important task of deciding what condiment-related name it would receive had to be dealt with. It was decided by her and Brandon that her car would be Miracle Whip. Yes, that conversation really happened. Team Condiments is serious business. Haha


Yeti meanwhile was being Mayo-mixed-with-grime. Brandon has since washed the car but it’ll probably look like this again before too long!


Dirty (Mustard), dirtier (Miracle Whip), dirtiest (Mayo/Yeti).


This was the final shot I took before putting my camera away and heading inside with everyone else, so this is where today’s post will wrap. Like I said, and as you can see, it was a small gathering and we also didn’t stay for too long, but it was great to have a meet to head to and a chance to hang out for a bit. Also as mentioned I’d been wanting to grab some photos of Yolanda’s new car for a little while anyway so I was happy to have a chance to get those. It’s safe to say that you’ll be seeing more of Miracle Whip on the site through the year as it shows up to more events around the city and Yolanda continues its progress now that it’s under her ownership, so watch for it in future posts!

It’s also safe to say that she is absolutely loving boost! I wonder how long it’ll be before she starts getting the itch to extract more power?



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